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Golden Poppies I m not sure why this series is not listed as a series This is the third book about Lisbeth and Mattie Yellow Crocus Lisbeth is born into privilege and Mattie is her enslaved wet nurseMustard Seed 1868, continues Lisbeth Mattie s storiesGolden Poppies 1894, the story continues with Lisbeth Mattie s children From The Bestselling Author Of Yellow Crocus And Mustard Seed Comes The Empowering Novel Of Two Generations Of American Women Connected By The Past And Fighting For A Brighter Future It S Jordan Wallace And Sadie Wagoner Appear To Have Little In Common Jordan, A Middle Aged Black Teacher, Lives In Segregated Chicago Two Thousand Miles Away, Sadie, The White Wife Of An Ambitious German Businessman, Lives In Tolerant Oakland, California But Years Ago, Their Families Intertwined On A Plantation In Virginia There, Jordan S And Sadie S Mothers Developed A Bond Stronger Than Blood, Despite The Fact That One Was Enslaved And The Other Was The Privileged Daughter Of The Plantation S OwnerWith Jordan S Mother On Her Deathbed, Sadie Leaves Her Disapproving Husband To Make The Arduous Train Journey With Her Mother To Chicago But The Reunion Between Two Families Is Soon Fraught With Personal And Political ChallengesAs The Harsh Realities Of Racial Divides And The Injustices Of The Gilded Age Conspire To Hold Them Back, The Women Find They Need Each Other Than Ever Their Courage, Their Loyalty, And The Ties That Bind Their Families Will Be Tested Amid The Tumult Of A Quickly Changing Nation, Their Destiny Depends On What They Re Willing To Risk For Liberation Her books are so easy to read, thorough enjoyment. I really enjoyed reading this engaging book To see the history of this 1890 s was great, especially viewing that history through the lenses of women of different races, ages and life experiences That it was set in part in Oakland my home made it especially meaningful.This is the third in a series of books about two intertwined families one black and one white, starting before the Civil War I haven t read the first two books yet and I was pleased that Golden Poppies tells a story that stands on its own And it made me want to read the earlier books in this series, too. BE SURE TO READ ALL OF HER BOOKS OUTSTANDING A compelling believable historical novel of family, race and ethnic relationships told from the viewpoints of two women, one white, one black and the lasting bond that developed before the Civil War on a Southern plantation between their mothers, a white child and her slave nurse Against the backdrop of Oakland in the 1890 s, the women s suffrage movement, the racial tensions of Post Civil War America, the two women experience deep changes, one learning about her own strength and the other accepting that she cannot control the lives of her children A great book about motherhood. Laila Ibrahim displays in her fifth novel the same talent for telling a good story with moving characters that she showed in her earlier works Golden Poppies is a sequel to Yellow Crocus and Mustard Seed, extending the stories of Mattie and Lisbeth and their descendants It is the 1890s and they have all moved to Oakland, California, a very different setting from Virginia and Ohio where they lived earlier The linked but contrasting fortunes of the Black and white characters are shown with great sensitivity The characters private lives birth, death and marriage are movingly portrayed, always with an awareness of the historical context Issues such as the dangers of passing for white, the different impact of labor unions on blacks and whites, the subtle and blatant insults faced by Blacks, and the complexity of Black women s involvement in the women s suffrage movement are all dealt with in ways that will surprise many readers Both teenagers and adults will enjoy this book. This is the first book I have read by this author, and my goodness, what an incredibly beautiful and well written novel From the first pages, I was pulled right into the story and the lives of the four women that it covers There s something so poignant about a book that starts with death How can you not be drawn in and not care about the people who will be impacted by it The author s style is immersive we feel like we are living the story along with the characters.We are immediately caught up in this world that compares and contrasts the lives of a black mother and daughter and a white mother and daughter The families connection has existed for decades, since before the Civil War when the black family were slaves of the white family But the web of relationships for those who were a part of that terrible institution is complex and deeply meaningful to each person in those generations beyond what that original relationship was The younger generation has a hard time understanding how it can be so, but the author shows us with a light yet poignant touch.This book shows us the history of the times as it is lived through the lives of these women We get a sense of what the Gilded Age meant for both white and black people We see the suffragist movement through those twin lenses as well The strained race relations after the Civil War are deftly but delicately explored I always enjoy historical fiction, where we see how what happened during a tempestuous time affects the lives of characters especially ones like these who seem so real This was done so well here I actually lived just south of Oakland for 10 years, so it was interesting to see it as it may have been over a hundred years ago.This is such a beautifully well drawn story I will have to go back and look at the other two books in this series, but this book certainly stands on its own and can be read without having read the other two books If you enjoy historical women s fiction with well drawn characters and intense intergenerational relationships, you may very well enjoy this book as much as I did.My book blog

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My education and experience in multiracial, developmental psychology and attachment theory provide ample fodder for my novels My passion for early childhood education, child birth and religious education are reflected in my writing.I was the founder and director of Woolsey Children s School where I had first hand experience loving children that were not my own There are scenes in Yellow Crocus

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