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The Girl in Blue Late Wodehouse, and the plot will be familiar to faithful readers, but I still loved reading it Wodehouse s writing, as usual, is crisp, light, clever, and funny. What one would expect from Wodehouse A treat for fans, though perhaps an acquired taste for modern readers. A PG Wodehouse novelYoung Jerry West has a few problems His uncle Crispin is broke and employs a butler who isn t all he seems His other uncle Willoughby is rich but won t hand over any of his inheritance And to cap it all, although already engaged, Jerry has just fallen in love with the wonderful Jane Hunnicutt, whom he s just met on jury service But she s an heiress, and that s a problem too because even if he can extricate himself from his grasping fianc e Jerry can t be a gold diggerEnter The Girl in Blue a Gainsborough miniature which someone has stolen from Uncle Willoughby Jerry sets out on a mission to find her and somehow hilariously in the process everything comes right Love this novel, Wodehouse certainly knew how to entertain Wonderful read WODEHOUSE IS THE BEST WRITER IN THE GENRE OF COMEDY AND HUMOR ALL HIS STORIES ARE HIGHLY ENTERTAINING AND ALSO STOREHOUSE OF EXCELLENT LANGUAGE USAGE THE CURRENT BOOK IS NO EXCEPTION I WISH EVERYBODY READS AND ENJOYS THE WORKS OF THE MASTER STORY TELLER RAS SASTRY Great story, Wodhouse never disappoints its readers. Some background.PG Wodehouse was a very prolific writer of minor mannered, usually manor house comic ephemera Feather light, pointless stories and novellas told in the most deft, daft happy language Because of the enormous popularity of his most famous books Bertie and Jeeves, my personal favorites , Psmith and Blandings Castle it can be hard to find his many other titles Thanks to the Random House, Every man editions many of this titles can be found in lovely hand sized hard back editions The fly leaf on The Girl in Blue tells me that as of 2010 they had 72 titles in print, plus this one and with to follow.The Girl in Blue is like so many other PG Wodehouse books, elegant popcorn for the mind We have the usual assortment of boorish rich Americans, impecunious younger brothers of the British gentry and an assortment of head strong but romance hungry women There is also a man servant with greater wisdom or at least cleverness then his employers.Unusual in these kinds of books, at least one of the leading male characters is willing to work, if only he has the money to cover both his bad habits, gambling and his responsibilities His responsibility is Mellingham , the family s crumbling country house The house is just this side of past redemption except that Crispin accepts paying lodgers if not all of their constant needs for things like hot water and non leaking ceilings.Also unusual for Wodehouse, the women, however overly romantic or overbearing they are not so hearty as to be off putting All are an sufficiently agreeable company as to be worthy of tender male feeling and smart enough to command male attentions.Mellingham House by design and accident with become the stage for all of our assembled cast They will undergo the usual in the way of confused motives, break and entry, but for the best motives and overly complex schemes Never less then what we expect from Plummy WodehouseWhat we also expect from Plummy and is delivered is his spritely froth of language Somehow Wodehouse manages to engage the mind in what is entertainment Plot rarely matters and character development is, when it happens, secondary What brings us here is the language Carefully constructed arabesques in words Wodehouse s mastery is that his careful work reads effortlessly Rather like the finest acting never has you thinking What wonderful acting If you are looking for a way into the PG Wodehouse library, The Girl in Blue is a fun starting point For us longtime, it is another of his signature stories The Girl in Blue and Random House has me anticipating of the same into the future. Willoughby Scrope is quite happy he has managed to purchase an expensive but worthwhile Gainsborough miniature for his collection His brother Crispin Scrope is not quite so happy being the owner of a large and crumbling stately home, he finds finances eluding his grasp Their nephew Gerry West has just found the girl he loves and will marry the only problem is that he s already engaged to somebody else Homer Pyle is worried about his sister Bernadette Clayborne, who has just been picked up in a store for shoplifting, a feat she insists she only did to see if she could get away with it And Chippendale s only concern at the moment is how to get one over on Constable Simms.This is another utterly delightful read from the master first published in 1970 this would definitely be considered one of Mr Wodehouse s later works, but it remains as fresh and uplifting as any of his early masterpieces The cast of characters is many and varied, and they all have their own issues to be dealing with what follows is farce, misunderstandings, deceptions and the course of true love, which never did run smooth But at the end, we know that everybody will be where they re supposed to be, and all will be right with the world.Iit was a real joy to find, on page 16 of this book a reference to the case of Onapoulos and Onapoulos versus the Lincolnshire and Eastern Counties Glass Bottling Company The reason I found this so funny was that Gerry West, a key character in this book is on the jury of this case, and the Bottling Company is being represented by Johnny Halliday Johnny Halliday is a key character in another PGW book, A Pelican at Blandings, and the outcome of the Onapoulos and Onapoulos versus the Lincolnshire and Eastern Counties Glass Bottling Company is key to his ultimate tale, as it is to Gerry s in this book A nice side reference by PGW to his keener readers.Utterly wonderful, and a real PGW classic, totally and unreservedly recommended to anyone who is either familiar with PGW or who would like to be. Best writer in English of the 20th century Can always lift you away from the perils of the present to his halcyon world which never spoils.

About the Author: P.G Wodehouse

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre The Girl in Blue , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés P.G Wodehouse auteurs dans le monde.

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