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The Blue Girl by Charles De Lint (2006-04-06) This novel is amazing and I ve read it over and over again It never lets me down A great read for all ages. This book was recommended by a friend and I m so happy it was as I loved it I had read one other book by De Lint before this but didn t like it so much But I m so glad I tried again will be purchasing of the Newford books. The blue girl by Charles de Lint has been one of the most satisfying snatches from the fantasy shelves for me last year.Is has it all 1 A very warm hearted and detailed description of a forming friendship between tough punk girl Imogene, who had a criminal gang member record in her hometown and a childhood spent mainly on her own because of her drug consuming carefree hippy parents, and anxious and conservative outsider Maxine, who has difficulties coming out of her shell because of her ever present controlling mother.2 Dark mysterious fantasy interwoven with reality Imogenes imaginary childhood friend Pelly turns up in flesh after a long absence and warns her Somehow Imogene angered the malacious band of faeries living on the school grounds and therefor her life is on stake In her efforts to get light into the matter, she meets the ghost of a former high school student whose death was caused by faeries as well Imogene learns that faeries are not the most dangerous creatures in town Bonded with Pelly and Maxine she learns a lot about trust and friendship and wins in the end.3 Last but not least there are some interesting sub plots like Imogene s dealings with the school s bullies, her relationship with her brother and a slowly growing romance with a music shop guy.I will definitly read books by this author and recommend for anyone who likes finely tuned characters and dark fantasy to have a try as well. I kind of dislike reviews that give you the plot of something that you haven t read yet So I keep mine slightly fuzzy in the detail department while attempting to remain helpful Lets see A little dark, a little twisty As always amazing character development and setting Pulls you right into the book so that you re there experiencing everything with the characters without being burdened down by too many adjectives and five pages of descriptions absolutely beautiful. Read this in high school and loved it, wanted a copy to keep on hand I bought the hardback and it arrived sooner than expected, in good condition, even had a little padding around it to protect edges and sleeve cover The novel is a fantasy that centers around a teenaged girl who discovers a world she didn t know existed and is hunted by creatures from that realm Definitely a YA novel but a good one Recommend For those of you who are seeing the citizens of Newford get older, fear not A new generation is well on its way to taking up the slack Maxine and Imogene contain many of the qualities that people have fallen in love with in Jilly, Christy, Sophie, and all the rest, but with a new hipness appealing to younger readers Newford, of course, remains the doorway to the Otherworld DeLint still manages to keep the different cultural traditions working together, making all the impossible possible and invites us to join in his world, made all the real by the imperfections and foibles Cheers, Charles, and I hope to see of these young ladies, as I am sure they are going to make startling effects on both this world and the Other. I ve re read this book so many times over that I ve lost count It s such a fun read I m nearly 18 years old and I enjoy this book so much I HAD to buy it If you like the Spiderwick Chronicles BOOKS Not the movie, and if you ve seen the movie and haven t read the books, shame on you The books are much better and strange stories such as Coraline, you ll enjoy this book as well.I ve finally ordered this book because I ve read it tons of times from the local library Imogene, Maxine, and Adrian are three wonderfully real characters in my opinion.I really do think that if you like strange, slightly dark, comical, and intriguing stories, I think you ll enjoy this book as well This book has led me other De Lint books as well, I have yet to find any to read at the library yet, but I will continue searching. Love all of Charles de Lint s books and this is no exception. 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En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre The Blue Girl by Charles De Lint (2006 04 06) , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés auteurs dans le monde.

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