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Handbook of Modern Sensors Sensors Are The Eyes, The Ears And The Noses Of The Silicium Chips The Aim Of The Author Is To Provide Comprehension, Samples, General Solutions For Use, Tables Of Practical Data, All In Volume He Succeeds To Provide An Enormous Amount Of Information It S A Wonderful Illustration Of Physics A Very Interesting And Good Book, Useful For Experimental Physicist Or Engineer Even For Theoreticians To See How Theory Is Applied Practically A Book To Be Placed In Each Laboratory S Library J C Jodogne, Physicalia, Vol , This Book Handles The Basic And Absolutely Most Important Common Areas Of All Sensor Applications It Gives A Good Overview Of A Very Wide Range Of Sensor Applications, Which Is Not Found In Many Other Books In Such A Detailed Form This Book Is Useful For Everybody Who Works With Any Kind Of Measurement Technique For Beginners It Is A Good Introduction To The World Of Sensors For Advanced Users It Is A Good And Extensive Handbook And Help R Diger Frank, Analytical And Bioanalytical Chemistry, Vol , Ce Texte Fait R F Rence Une Dition Puis E Ou Non Disponible De Ce TitreThe Handbook S Coverage Of Sensors Is Extensive, Ranging From Simple Photodiodes To Complex Devices Containing Components In Combination It Offers Hard To Find Reference Data On The Properties Of Numerous Materials And Sensing Elements And Emphasizes Devices That Are Less Well Known, Whose Technology Is Still Being Refined, And Whose Use Permits The Measurement Of Variables That Were Previously Inaccessible Ce Texte Fait R F Rence Une Dition Puis E Ou Non Disponible De Ce Titre

About the Author: Jacob Fraden

En tant qu’auteur connu, certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs, comme dans le livre Handbook of Modern Sensors , qui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Jacob Fraden auteurs dans le monde.

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